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Strep Throat Rapid Testing

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Signs & Symptoms: Fever, tender/swollen lump in the back of your throat, exudate on the back of throat.

Risk Factors:

  •  Exposusure to a person with strep throat in previous 2 weeks

  • Age range from 5 - 10 years old, especially in the fall or winter

Testing: A screening swab in the thoat can be performed to test for streptococcus bacteria. If a positive result is confirmed, an appropriate antibiotic may be provided to treat the infection. Test results are available in 15-20 minutes.

Call the Axis Pharmacy team 403-300-2997 to schedule a screening today.

The administration fee for the test is $30.

Please self-test with a rapid antigen test prior to booking a Rapid Group A Streptococcus Test.

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