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Minor Ailment Clinic & Walk In

How can we help?

At Axis Pharmacist Care Clinic & Walk In, the pharmacist will have a detailed discussion with you to assess your minor ailment.  The pharmacist will then recommend an over-the-counter medication or a prescription medication. 

What is a minor ailment

Minor ailments are described as health conditions that can be managed with minimal treatment and/or self-care strategies.

What if my minor ailment turns out to be more serious?

If the pharmacist believes your condition is more serious, they will refer you to your doctor or primary healthcare provider

Do you provide walk in services?

We provide both walk in services or you can schedule an appointment to speak to the pharmacist.

Below some of the potential conditions a pharmacist may assess:

Acne (mild)

Athlete’s foot

Canker sores



Jock Itch

Muscle sprains

Previously Diagnosed / Recurrence

Bladder infection (lower urinary tract infection)

Cold sores


Oral thrush

Refills (limited to certain medications)

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